Dr. Nandita Bhati
PG Certified in Laser Dentistry (Austria)

Pediatric Dentistry In Pune

Best Doctor For Pediatric Dentistry In Pune

Pediatric Dentistry In Hinjewadi

When a child’s tooth is decayed, it becomes important to remove the decay and restore it before the decay involves the pulp of the tooth and bring the child extreme discomfort and pain. We have the best doctors for pediatric dentistry in Hinjewadi to treat the patients. Children normally face problems such as cavity, malocclusion, and tooth decay. We have a specialized team which is dedicated to attend only the children.Our doctors study the child psychology, growth and development before starting the treatment.

A person who can read kids’ minds can treat them the best. Our specialist’s entire focus is to gain confidence of “little fellas” to get 100% result. And yes, we take pride in the mastery in doing that. Our Pediatric specialist is dedicated in providing the best Pediatric dentistry in Hinjewadi Pune to our little patients – after all they are our future! The children begin to get the baby teeth from six months of age. The pediatric room at our clinic consist of specially designed equipment that are made keeping the children in mind.