Dr. Nandita Bhati
PG Certified in Laser Dentistry (Austria)

Scaling And Polishing Treatments in Pune

Best Scaling And Polishing Treatments in Pune

Scaling And Polishing Treatments in Hinjewadi

Scaling is the treatment for tartar and plaque removal while polishing is the treatment to smoothen and shine the teeth so that calcium and bacteria cannot attach easily to the tooth surface. But manual tooth brushing can not remove this tartar, it requires a specialised doctor to clean it. At ridgeway, we have a highly skilled team of dentists who give the best scaling and polishing treatment in Hinjewadi Pune to you.

Lots of our patients believe that scaling/cleaning can ruin the health of teeth or can create sensitivity or teeth eventually can become loose. Correct technique with correct angle, cleaning of required area and use of advanced and appropriate tools minimize any type of discomfort experienced by patients. At Ridgeway Dental Spa, we thoroughly clean buildup of plaque and tarter from teeth to ensure that you don’t suffer from any after effects. Here we provide you tailored oral health advice and ensure you excellently cleaned teeth to ensure you start liking your routine scaling appointments.