Dr. Nandita Bhati
PG Certified in Laser Dentistry (Austria)

Choose Ridgeway Dental Spa

Why Choose Ridgeway Dental Spa

Ridgeway Dental Spa is adental clinic where patients can experience a dental treatment in most positive and comforting manner.

At Ridgeway Dental Spa, our mission is to:
1. Deliver care of highest quality along with outstanding patient service in the most hygienic manner.
2. Help our customers achieve and maintain best of oral health through routine checkups.
3. All of this at an affordable price.

Our Operating Model:

We bring together the best and most experienced professionals in our multidisciplinary practice who leverage today’s latest technologies to provide you the best possible experience. We create results that can change how you look and feel.

Our Relaxation Techniques:

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the clinic is incredibly friendly and inviting atmosphere. This will continue till we have served you and you walk out of the clinic satisfied.

There is plenty for all ages to enjoy, from television on demand to toys, foot massage, herbal teas, or virtual reality experience for lengthy procedures.

Our team is trained in dealing with children and our young patients love coming to our practice.

This is the reason that sometime our most apprehensive patients get relaxed to the extent they enjoy a “nap” as well during their treatment! This is important because a relaxed patient is the most cooperative patient.

Hygiene and Safety:

We are very detailed oriented when it comes to ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of our Dental Spa. We use technology to the core to ensure that all instruments and materials are impeccably clean and sterile using the most advanced autoclave, UV chamber, Ultra Sonic cleaners and pouched instruments. We boast about using disposable materials for every patient to ensure no cross contamination can ever happen.

Patient Education:

We offer bespoke treatment as every patient is different from each other. It is ensured that be it a pediatric patient or a geriatric patient, they are all well informed before they are brought to the dental chair for actual procedure in every possible way. This is important because a well-educated patient is the most confident patient. Now that is some reason to smile about!